Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jessica aka Punky. . . . . . . . . . my fashon icon

So I did a sweet tibute to my rad sister-in-law Danika and thought Hey I should probably do a tribue to my awesome blood sister too! So here it is, ten reasons why I love Jessica. . . . . in no particular order.

She is literally the most fashonable person I know, she always dresses so cute and looks so cute even if she is in her pjs.

She is so funny, I don't think I can be around her and not laugh

The way she decorates her house, she has a great eye for that

She is such a good mom, you should see her little boy, he is the smartest kid I've ever seen!

She has such a good heart

She is the most determined person I know, once jess decides on something she takes it all the way

How much she loves Parker and Beck

The way she does her hair, it ALWAYS looks cute, she teaches me a lot just when I watch her

The way her little pinky pokes up when she uses a salt and pepper shaker
One more, how we both have matching goat hairs, you know what I'm talking about jess!

There are many more reasons why I love my sister, too many to count! But I just wanted to name a few because she is the best!! I love you Punky


LoGunns said...

Katie- 2 posts fairly close together! You are on a roll. Keep up the good work:)
I agree, your sister always looks cute:)


Katie, so I found you through jess and your little girl is beautiful! I'm glad you blog :) Hope all is well!! Jenny

photography by Mikki said...

Katie!!!! You are amazing. I'm so glad you're a mom...Grace looks like the sweetest, cutest, and luckiest girl alive. Hope you guys are doing great!

west's said...

Shut up! How come you have a blog and never told us!! But it doesn't look like you do much on it just like you don't check your email much either. I'm adding you to our link so we can check in on the Gunn fam more often. Jessi

Kass said...

HELLO you are a blogger nerd too! Seriously you look amazing! and the baby just too dang cute! I am adding you to my list of friends! Good to see you are alive and well :)

rach said...

Katie ...hey I found you!! Lets see some more pics of your cute baby...I've see Jess plenty Hee hee
love ya rach (

Kristen Westbrook said...

Katie! I found your blog! Your little family is so adorable! How fun!

Devan and Lexie said...

Katie Gunn! I'm so glad I found your blog. Your little Gracie is the cutest thing! Will you call me next time you come up here please? Love ya girl

Lindsay said...

Katie I found your blog, and Gracie is darling! I am adding you to my friends list so I can know whats going on in your life for once!

Erica said...

Katie, you're so cute! I miss seeing you around.

By the daughter has been on your mom's waiting list for 1 1/2 years!!!! Such a bummer. She's a popular teacher!