Sunday, December 30, 2007

Danika. . . . . . . . . my blogger icon

Danika is making me do another post because I have only done one post since I created an account. She is the most faithful blogger I know, and I look up to her not only as a blogger but as a woman of MANY talents. We are up in Logan Utah hanging out with both Gunn familys Matt and Danika and Mark and Allie. We love hanging out with them and are so excited to be here. Here is a picture of us at there house.
Here is also a list of 10 reasons why I love Danika(in no particular order)
She is so funny
She is such a good mom
She makes the best Indian food
She is so beautiful
She has the most beautiful thick hair
She tells the best stories
She is so nice to everyone, I don't think she has an enemy in the whole world
She can relate to everyone and make them feel special
She can have her children without an epidural (that is awesome cuz it hurts)
She makes you happy everytime you are around her or you talk to her
I need to add one more becaue I can't fail to mention how she is the best at calling people, even when they don't answer their phones for days and weeks at a time. She never gives up and is so good about calling everyone in the family and keeping in touch with everyone! I just love Danika Gunn


Megan said...

I love Danika too!

She is awesome!

LoGunns said...

I'm so glad you finaly posted again! Now for the next three months we can see 2 pictures instead of 1:) Thanks for those sweet lies you posted for everyone to view:) I still have not recovered from our talking marathon til 4:30 AM. Call me so we can talk resolutions. (I'll answer on the first ring)

Parker and Jessica said...

Katie im so proud of your post!! I cant wait for a sweet Casserole to be up there next time@!!! And more pictures of Pigeon

Meghan & Mitch said...

Hey Katie, I can't believe I found your blog. Your little girl is so cute. I'm so glad I ran into you when you were in St. George. It was so good to see you. Anyways my blog is Take care!